Tree Surgery

Tree surgery and landscaping in Cornwall

Tree surgery 

Our expert team provide every client whether commercial or private with a friendly, reliable, safe and professional tree surgery service. We use the latest and safest equipment for undergoing all tree surgery tasks and complete them efficiently to the highest standards, set out in the British Standards (BS3998 2010).
We take pride in our work and offer free advice to suit your personal tree/trees needs and also to work with you and decide whats best for you and your garden. Our knowledge and experience in arboriculture goes hand in hand with our landscaping services, which we also provide free quotations for. So for all your gardens needs big or small we can help. Keep scrolling to learn more about us and our services or contact Jason Bellenger Tree Surgery on 01726 212 382. 

Our tree surgery and landscaping services

We take great pride in providing you with a wide range of top quality tree services, from felling and removal to grinding and pruning. We can provide reports and surveys on your trees, including mortgage reports and hazard evaluations. 
All tree surgery is carried out in accordance to the guidelines set out in the British Standard for Recommendations for Tree Work 1989 BS 3998. We also offer a number of landscaping services for both domestic and commercial clients, including garden clearances, fencing and hedge cutting. Please contact us today for more information.
Removal of deadwood

Our tree surgery services

Our tree surgery includes:

-    Removal of deadwood: 
As trees mature, some branches die back. This deadwood can be a hazard over frequently used areas.

-    Crown thinning:
It is possible to thin the crown of some trees to allow more light to filter through, leaving the tree the same overall shape.

-    Crown reduction: 
Some trees outgrow their situation, such as in between two houses. The crown can be reduced in size whilst keeping an attractive shape

-    Crown lifting:
Low branches, over paths or roads for example, are removed to alleviate interference with traffic.

-    Dismantling and felling: 
In confined spaces, trees or tree limbs can be removed and lowered to the ground on ropes to avoid damage to the surrounding areas.
Cable bracing

More tree surgery services for you

-    Cable bracing: 
Tree limbs can be given extra support where removal may spoil the shape of the tree.

-    Stump grinding: 
After a tree has been felled the remaining stump can be ground out to below ground level so the area may be grassed over or replanted.

-    Hedge work: 
Hedges of all types and sizes can be dealt with and cut to meet your requirements. Hedges depending on type can also be laid if required.

-    Brushwood chipping: 
All off cuts leftover from tree surgery can be chipped and removed from site if required.

-    Planting and woodland management: 
We can advise you on planting trees suitable for your situation, provide information on grants if applicable, and offer a woodland management service.

Contact our experienced team to find out how we could help you. We are just a phone call away, call 01726 212 382.
Terrific tree team!

Fantastic service - friendly and helpful with advice. The job was carried out in an extremely professional manner and was very good value for money, I highly recommend giving them a call.

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